Episode 13

Published on:

27th Aug 2020

Embracing the Power of "And"

In this episode, Terry Alger from Southwest Research Institute joins Kelly to discuss why electrification and combustion go hand in hand. He also describes connected autonomous vehicles and how autonomy may save the internal combustion engine. Additionally, Terry gives us an inside look at the story behind dedicated EGR.

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The Eclectic Highway
News and views about the future of propulsion technology.
This show cuts through the hype around various mobility technologies. Controversial but honest, listeners will learn why the future is eclectic, not electric.

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Kelly Senecal

Kelly is a co-founder of Convergent Science and an advocate for an eclectic transportation future. He promotes #thefutureiseclectic and #hugyourengine on social media. Kelly is an SAE Fellow and holds a PhD from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The views expressed on this podcast are his own.